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What Exactly Is A Tea Pet?

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A few years ago, the concept of tea pets intrigued me when I first encountered them online. Initially, the notion seemed somewhat whimsical. A pet for tea? Surely, the term couldn’t be taken so literally. My initial reaction involved questioning whether I had misread the word or if it was a typo for “tea pot.” However, my curiosity piqued when I came across a photo of Nicole’s tea pet shared by Tea For Me Please. Realizing that tea pets (distinct from tea pots!) were indeed a genuine phenomenon, I became captivated and made it a mission to acquire one for myself during my inaugural visit to the Toronto Tea Festival.

Now, circling back to the initial question: What exactly is a tea pet?

In essence, a tea pet is precisely what it sounds like – a companion designed to share your tea time. Traditionally crafted from clay, these figurines find a place on your tea table, accompanying you during your moments of tea enjoyment.

While tea pets can be fashioned from various materials, akin to Yixing clay teapots, they are often molded using the same clay and left unglazed, resulting in a textured surface that enhances the absorption of tea flavors.

How Do You Use A Tea Pet?

Now, here’s where the enjoyment truly kicks in!

While steeping your tea, you have the delightful opportunity to feed your tea pet as well. This transforms the experience into a nurturing one, akin to raising and caring for a companion.

The process is simple – just pour some tea over the tea pet, ensuring it’s completely covered, and that’s all there is to it! For those who enjoy a touch of finesse, a tea brush can be used to gently “pet” the surface, ensuring an even distribution of tea.

What Can You “Feed” Your Tea Pet?

The liquid you generously pour over your tea pet can encompass various forms:

  1. The warm water used to prepare and warm your tea ware before the tea session.
  2. The rinse derived from steeping the tea leaves.
  3. Any remnants of previously steeped tea.

Your tea pet will then absorb, or one might say “drink,” the color and aroma of the tea. Over time, you’ll observe a captivating transformation in the clay’s appearance, a testament to the diverse teas served to it.

The world of tea pets offers a plethora of choices. They come in varying sizes – small, medium, or impressively large. Their designs range from plain and simple to intricately detailed.

Whether shaped as animals, people, insects, or mythical creatures, the fundamental rule remains the same: never let your tea pet go thirsty. Regularly nourish your tea pet!

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, some tea pets may offer more than meets the eye. If you notice perforations in your tea pet, it might playfully squirt out tea when poured over or even blow enchanting bubbles.

Additionally, certain tea pets hold cultural significance. For instance, in Chinese culture, a pig symbolizes good luck and happiness in life, leading to a diverse array of pig-themed tea pets.

Allow me to share a glimpse into my modest tea pet collection:

Buddha Tea Pet

Buddha Tea Pet

My inaugural tea pet, a meditating Buddha, was discovered with delight at ZhenTea’s booth during the 2015 Toronto Tea Festival. It stands as a prime example of a purely aesthetic tea companion.

Although this Buddha tea pet doesn’t boast any interactive features beyond avidly indulging in tea, its appearance has undergone subtle changes over time, gracefully influenced by the tea it has absorbed. My Buddha tea pet holds a special place in my heart and will forever be a cherished favorite.

More recently, I acquired the next two additions to my tea pet collection through a gift certificate generously provided by Adagio. The excitement was palpable as I perused their website for teas, stumbling upon the delightful revelation that they also offered an assortment of tea pets for sale!

Pig Tea Pet

Pig Tea Pet

Allow me to introduce Petunia. The name spontaneously came to mind the moment I unwrapped her, perhaps influenced by memories of Looney Tunes. While I’ve never been particularly fond of flowers, I’ve always found the name Petunia to be whimsically delightful.

Despite the prevalence of pig-shaped tea pets, acquiring one held personal significance for me due to its symbolic representation. Observant eyes may notice a small hole in Petunia’s mouth. While she doesn’t shoot out tea dramatically, there’s a charming quirk – occasionally, she playfully blows tea bubbles when I share my steeped teas.

Bird Tea Pet

Bird Tea Pet

My avian-themed tea pet boasts an impressive length, and I’m particularly enamored with the intricate details adorning both the bird and its perch. Although this specific tea companion doesn’t exhibit any effects when treated to tea, it features a small indent to its side, forming a delightful pool where tea can collect. As of now, this charming tea pet remains nameless, so if you have any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them!

For those familiar with the world of tea pets, it’s no secret that adopting them can easily become an addictive pursuit. I thoroughly enjoy adorning my tea table and tea space with these endearing tea companions, turning my tea sessions into delightful gatherings with my little tea friends!