11 Ways to Know if A Dream is From God

11 Ways to Know if A Dream is From God

Certainly, here are some guidelines to assist in determining the source of a dream.

1. Do you recall the dream?

If the details of a dream fade from your memory upon waking, it may not have originated from God. When God communicates through dreams, the remembrance of the dream is often ensured.

To preserve dreams believed to be from God, it is advisable to promptly record them. This practice aids in later recall. Following this, it is beneficial to articulate the primary storyline, characters, and various elements such as colors, objects, and the overall atmosphere. As seen in Daniel 7:1:

“In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream and visions of his head while on his bed. Then he wrote down the dream, telling the main facts.”

2. Is the dream well-organized or perplexing?

God introduces order amidst chaos and brings clarity to confusion. While you may not grasp the entirety of a God-given dream, if a dream appears bewildering, it likely does not originate from God. Paul conveyed to Timothy,

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 7:1)

Some interpretations render the “spirit of fear” as the ‘spirit of confusion.’ When God communicates, clarity prevails—even when the full understanding eludes you!

3. Is the dream linked to thoughts occupying your mind?

If the dream addresses concerns or preoccupations that occupy your thoughts frequently, it may stem from your subconscious attempting to resolve matters beyond the reach of your conscious mind. Additionally, if you indulge in a late-night movie, you might find a sequel playing out in your dreams—with you assuming the role of the hero! Unless the dream unveils an unforeseen solution to your dilemma, it’s advisable to dismiss it.

4. What is the emotional ambiance?

Dreams infused with anxiety or despair often arise from the subconscious, functioning as a pressure release valve for our fears. Suppressed fears and anxieties tend to manifest in dreams. However, God doesn’t inject fear into your life; rather, He diminishes it. While a dream may reveal the source of your fear, it often accompanies a solution. Dreams of this nature are frequently attributed to God. The emotional atmosphere within the dream often holds the key to its interpretation.

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5. Does the dream align with prior revelations from God?

God often uses dreams to enhance or deepen what He has previously disclosed. It serves as an additional avenue for Him to unveil His purposes and perspective.

6. Does the dream incorporate biblical symbolism?

Be cautious of conventional dream dictionaries, as symbols can carry distinct meanings across various cultures. When God employs symbols, He selects them based on their significance to you, rather than adhering to universal interpretations. Conversely, biblical symbols frequently indicate a dream’s divine origin.

7. Is the dream grounded in reality?

If the dream mirrors a plausible real-life scenario, it may pertain to a future situation—unless it explicitly refers to the past. Certainty about whether the dream originates from God may only become evident when you encounter the situation it alludes to, aiding you in responding appropriately.

8. Does the dream feature a demonic element?

The presence of a demonic element in a dream doesn’t automatically imply an origin from the enemy. It could be the manifestation of the gift of discerning spirits within you, reacting to an unseen demonic influence.

It is essential to consistently pray over such dreams, allowing the Holy Spirit to provide deeper understanding or instruct you to unequivocally reject them.

9. Are you engaged in wrongdoing within the dream?

If you find yourself involved in inappropriate actions in a dream, it is unlikely to be a message from God—unless it reflects a real-life behavior or potential misstep, serving as God’s conviction or warning.

Such dreams may stem from your subconscious or have origins in the influence of the enemy.

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10. Do you wake up with a sense of God’s presence?

Upon awakening, a distinct awareness that a dream was from God may be felt. Alternatively, waking up into a profound sense of God’s presence can be an indication of a God-given dream.

There are instances where God’s presence is felt while addressing a demonic attack that transpired through a dream. Differentiating between these scenarios is typically discernible.

11. What transpires during prayer over the dream?

It is imperative to consistently pray over dreams believed to be from God. Through prayer, the Holy Spirit often unveils additional insights and provides clarification on its elements.


While everyone experiences dreams, those endowed with the prophetic gift often possess the ability to interpret the dreams of others. In Genesis 41, Joseph, summoned from the dungeon, stands before Pharaoh, recognized by the chief butler for his gift of dream interpretation. Both the butler and Pharaoh were adherents of the Egyptian gods, and it’s conceivable that Pharaoh, accustomed to encountering demonic dreams, now grapples with a dream from God. This distinction is evident as none of the magicians of Egypt can decipher it.

Joseph and Daniel, two of the most renowned dream interpreters in history, acknowledged that their ability was a gift from God.

Here are five guiding principles to assist in interpreting God-given dreams:

Seek God for the interpretation

This initial step is often overlooked. Acknowledge that if God bestowed the dream upon you, He can also provide the interpretation.

Analyze the symbols

Identify any symbols in the dream that hold personal significance. Exercise caution with dream dictionaries unless they specifically center on biblical symbols. For example, in ancient Babylon, a black cat symbolized good fortune, while in the Middle Ages, it became associated with witchcraft. The Bible lacks references to black cats, emphasizing the importance of interpreting symbols based on personal meaning. What does a black cat signify to you?

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What is the emotional atmosphere?

The emotional ambiance within a dream plays a crucial role in its interpretation. For instance, even if the dream portrays a challenging situation, a faith-filled atmosphere suggests that God is indicating the ability to overcome those challenges.

Does the dream feel realistic?

Some dreams carry an unmistakable sense of realism, referencing past or potential future events. When such dreams originate from God, they often come with inherent interpretation.

Is the dream meant to be understood immediately?

Dreams frequently allude to distant futures. Joseph’s dream about the Sun, Moon, and eleven stars bowing down to him took years to materialize. At the time of the dream, Joseph lacked a comprehensive understanding of its meaning.

If a dream remains unclear, set it aside but refrain from dismissing it entirely. Later, when the dream unfolds, it can instill great confidence, affirming that you are walking in God’s will. Just as Joseph, who recognized God’s hand in his elevation to rule Egypt, ultimately blessing his brothers instead of seeking revenge for their earlier betrayal.

Is the dream meant to be shared immediately?

Reflecting on a dream I had about my local church in Finland over fifteen years ago, I recently chose to share it with the leaders. Timing is crucial; not every dream warrants immediate sharing. Instead, pray for guidance, and God will provide the wisdom to share the dream at the opportune moment.

These insights are derived from the book “Five Movements: Winning the Battle for Your Prophetic Gift” authored by Marko Joensuu. For further information about the author, please visit markojoensuu.com.

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