The 10 Best Liquid Highlighters of 2022: Vult, Ruby Rose And More!

What is the best liquid highlighter in 2022

What is the top liquid highlighter of 2022?

Highlighter is an enchanting cosmetic item with a radiant quality, employed to accentuate facial features. Makeup artists typically suggest applying it strategically, focusing on specific areas like the nose, temples, and above the lips.

The luminosity achieved through the application of highlighter becomes even more prominent when using liquid highlighter, known for its ease of application compared to powder alternatives. This versatile product allows you to achieve either a subtle or metallic glow, effortlessly spreading radiance across your face.

As of 2022, there are outstanding brands showcasing the finest liquid highlighters available. Seize the opportunity to explore promotions and select a product tailored to your preferences, enhancing the beauty of your face, whether you’re heading to a club or a concert. Dive into this article to discover the top 10 options!

The 10 best liquid highlighters of 2022

How to choose the best liquid highlighter

How to choose the best liquid highlighter

When selecting the optimal liquid highlighter, begin by assessing the product’s color to ensure a harmonious match with your skin tone. While the metallic aesthetic is in vogue, it shouldn’t overshadow other aspects of your facial appearance. Thus, explore the diverse shades of highlighters available and seek a brand that aligns with your requirements for various occasions. Delve into the tips provided below for guidance!

Choose the best highlighter according to your skin tone

When opting for a liquid highlighter, consider your skin tone to determine the most suitable product. Individuals with fair skin can enhance their features with soft hues, adding a touch of glamour to their face.

Those with medium skin tones can achieve an ideal highlight with gold tones, while individuals with darker skin tones can turn to copper, dark gold, and bronze shades for a luminous and enhancing effect. Explore further details below:

Fair skin: soft tones are ideal

For individuals with fair skin, selecting soft hues of liquid highlighter is recommended. Opt for shades that are subtly pinkish, pearly, or even peachy, as they effectively accentuate the skin and impart a subtle radiance to the face. Moreover, it’s crucial to choose products with pigmentation that isn’t overly intense.

Dark skin: golden tones are great options

Individuals with darker skin tones can beautifully complement their complexion with the brilliance of golden tones in liquid highlighters. Opting for shades like gold, champagne, and bronze, which have a yellowish undertone, can impart a sun-kissed radiance to the face. The shimmer from these tones provides a natural appearance and serves to harmonize intense makeup looks.

Dark skin: dark gold, copper or bronze tones are perfect

For individuals with a darker complexion, dark gold, copper, champagne, and bronze tones prove to be optimal choices for illuminating and accentuating makeup. Incorporating these hues into your routine will lend a natural radiance to your face, making highlighter a essential component for captivating looks, whether it’s day or night.

Choose the effect of the highlighter according to the occasion

When selecting a liquid highlighter, consider the desired effect to suit the occasion, be it a night out or an outdoor event. Liquid highlighters generally offer two primary effects: a natural, soft glow or a more pronounced, radiant glow.

For a natural and subtle effect, suitable for those seeking understated and delicate makeup, this option is versatile and appropriate for any event.

On the other hand, the glow effect is indispensable for those in search of a luminous highlighter, one that imparts a glamorous radiance to the skin. The intensity of the glow requires careful application, ensuring it enhances rather than dominates the face. Apply judiciously to key areas deserving of the luminous effect to strike the right balance and avoid overwhelming attention.

Select the form of application that best suits you

To achieve optimal results with highlighter, strategic application to specific areas of the face is crucial. An advantageous technique for precise placement involves using your fingers, and this convenience is particularly notable when working with liquid highlighter. The absence of additional tools makes it effortlessly accessible for application directly with your bare hands. Following application, it’s essential to blend the highlighter into the skin, harnessing its natural texture.

Furthermore, it’s important to bear in mind that liquid highlighter should be selectively applied to designated areas of the face, rather than being spread across the entire visage. Focusing on key points such as the nose, temples, and above the lips ensures a targeted enhancement that accentuates facial features effectively.

2-in-1 highlighters – for the face and body – can be good options

An economical choice is the 2-in-1 highlighter, designed for both facial and body application. This versatile product allows you to enhance your glow and elevate your overall appearance when venturing out, adding radiance to various areas of the body and face.

While highlighter is traditionally associated with illuminating the face, it need not be confined to this exclusive use. Popularly applied to areas such as the arms, legs, and décolletage, highlighter proves to be a versatile makeup product that extends beyond facial illumination.

Applying liquid highlighter to your body, particularly on your arms and legs, is a surefire way to draw attention and make a captivating impression wherever you venture.

Analyze whether you need large or small packages

When purchasing a liquid highlighter, the choice between large or small containers depends on your specific needs. While cost-effectiveness is a consideration, it’s essential to prioritize your requirements.

Professional makeup artists often opt for larger packs containing various products, as they continually utilize them. If you foresee regular and consistent use of liquid highlighter, investing in larger packs is advisable, although it’s crucial to be mindful of expiration dates.

Conversely, for recreational use, particularly if you only apply liquid highlighter occasionally for outings, concentrating on acquiring smaller containers is a sensible approach.

Choose vegan and cruelty-free highlighters

When selecting a liquid highlighter, it’s crucial to take into account the manufacturer’s commitment to using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, meaning products not tested on animals. Vegan highlighters abstain from utilizing components derived from animals, while a cruelty-free label signifies a commitment to ethical practices that avoid harm to both the environment and animals.

Make a conscious investment in sustainable manufacturers, promoting an environmentally friendly and socially responsible reality, particularly in the realm of beauty products. Hence, consider selecting from the top 10 liquid highlighters to purchase in 2022, emphasizing choices that align with vegan and cruelty-free principles.

The 10 best liquid highlighters to buy in 2022:

Having delved into the optimal highlighters for your skin tone, mastering application techniques, and prioritizing vegan and cruelty-free brands, it’s now time to acquaint yourself with the top 10 liquid highlighters worth considering for your 2022 beauty regimen.

Expand beyond conventional choices in the market and explore these 10 compelling and high-quality brands that promise to elevate your makeup game. Make the most of the diverse options outlined in the ranking below!

10- Creamy Illuminating Bronzer by Koloss

Bronze effect without having to go to the beach

For an affordable yet creamy highlighter option, consider Koloss’ Creamy Illuminating Bronzer. This product boasts a contemporary formulation crafted from premium materials, delivering a sun-kissed effect on the skin.

With its user-friendly application, you can simply use your fingers, optimizing makeup usage and showcasing the Creamy Bronzer’s excellent value for money. Apply effortlessly to key areas on the face for a radiant glow, focusing on the temples, cheeks, nose, above the lips, and eyebrows to enhance that sunlit appearance.

Notably, Koloss prioritizes ecological responsibility, and the Cream Bronzer highlighter proudly carries a cruelty-free label. Beyond its aesthetic appeal and top-notch quality, this product reflects a commitment to environmental well-being.

ColorBronze and gold
IndicationDark and brown skin
Cruelty freeYes
Volume10 ml

9- Body Illuminator, Skelt

Red carpet tan on the body

Catering to those in pursuit of a bronzed, golden allure, Skelt’s Body Illuminator offers a celebrity-inspired radiance akin to the glamour of the red carpet. This Brazilian brand’s creation imparts a golden sheen that not only illuminates the skin but also fosters a naturally luminous glow.

To apply, dispense the product onto your hands and spread it generously across your body. Beyond delivering a sun-kissed tint, this liquid body highlighter contributes to the illusion of enhanced muscle definition while concealing skin imperfections. The potent formula effortlessly diminishes the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, leaving behind a transformative effect that seamlessly softens any marks on the body.

What sets Skelt’s Body Illuminator apart is its enduring radiance—your skin remains luminous for a full 24 hours, with the color evolving into a resplendent golden bronze within minutes of application. Revel in the transformative effects of this exceptional Skelt product, all while supporting a cruelty-free brand dedicated to creating remarkable skincare experiences.

ColorBronze and gold
IndicationDark and brown skin
Cruelty freeYes
Volume120 ml

8- Eudora Soul Liquid Illuminator, Eudora

Long-lasting, natural-looking highlighter

For those seeking a versatile highlighter that seamlessly applies and blends, the Eudora Soul Liquid Highlighter stands out as an excellent choice. This creamy blush effortlessly transforms into powder, offering a long-lasting and vibrant color payoff.

The peach hue is particularly well-suited for individuals with lighter skin tones, providing a highlighting shade that imparts a natural, flushed appearance to the face. The unique transition from liquid to powder ensures a compact form that lasts just the right duration, making Eudora Soul Liquid Highlighter an optimal selection.

Its multi-purpose design allows for application both before and after makeup, catering to use on both the face and eyes. Embrace the simplicity and natural radiance that Eudora Soul Liquid Illuminator brings to your daily routine, enhancing your face with ease and authenticity.

IndicationLight skin
EffectNatural look
Cruelty freeYes
Volume15 ml

7- Liquid Illuminator, Arielle Morimoto Cosmetics

Silver illuminator, vegan and cruelty free

Arielle Morimoto Cosmetics’ Liquid Illuminator caters specifically to those in pursuit of an intense, dewy glow on their skin. This illuminator distinguishes itself with its exceptional quality and enduring radiance, leaving the face luminous and captivating.

This versatile liquid highlighter can be applied as a base or layered on after foundation, focusing on highlighting the temples and nose line for a heightened effect. Its creative application extends beyond the face, as it can be used across the body, doubling as a shimmer for vibrant eyeshadows, yielding an extra layer of enduring brilliance.

Hailing from the Brazilian vegan cosmetics brand Arielle Morimoto, this product is not only dedicated to enhancing beauty but also reflects a commitment to environmental consciousness. Benefit from the advantages offered by a homegrown manufacturer that prioritizes both the aesthetics and durability of its products.

IndicationAll skins
EffectSilver and metallic
Cruelty freeYes
Volume30 g

6- Creamy Face Illuminator, Tracta

A beautiful, rosy highlighter that’s easy to apply

Tracta’s Creamy Facial Illuminator effortlessly brings a natural radiance to desired areas, casting a subtle glow across the face.

For a versatile option suitable for various occasions, consider this creamy, rosy highlighter from Tracta. It imparts a natural, chameleon-like glow that seamlessly transitions from day to night. Enjoy the worry-free application of Tracta’s highlighter, as it avoids overly intense effects.

The Pink Creamy Facial Illuminator from Tracta distinguishes itself by its user-friendly application method—apply with light strokes in specific areas of the face. Seize the opportunity to explore promotions and discover a product that will authentically enhance the beauty of your face.

IndicationLight and sensitive skin
Cruelty freeYes
Volume4 g

5- Ultra Radiance Illuminator Una Acqua, Natura

A long-lasting, high-quality product that refreshes the skin

Specially crafted for individuals seeking a subtle, effortlessly applicable highlighter, Natura’s Ultra Radiance Una Acqua stands out as a rejuvenating product with a weightless texture, designed to accentuate and illuminate facial features.

Ideal for those in pursuit of captivating, enduring makeup that enhances facial aesthetics, this highlighter guarantees a luminous effect suitable for any season or occasion, be it a night out or an outdoor gathering.

Embrace the brilliance of Natura’s highlighter for a radiant and pronounced finish to your makeup, tailored for all skin types. For optimal results, apply it after using pressed powder to set a beautifully luminous glow. Notably, this product boasts a cooling effect attributed to its high water content, ensuring an added layer of freshness upon the skin.

IndicationAll skins
EffectLight and natural effect
ApplicationFingers, after compact powder
Cruelty freeYes
Volume15 ml

4- Bt Glow Illuminator, Bruna Tavares

Product in drops: quality, duration and beauty

Establishing a significant presence in the national market, makeup artist Bruna Tavares offers a standout product: the Bt Glow Illuminator. Tailored for individuals seeking simplicity in their makeup routine, this liquid highlighter promises radiance that endures throughout the day.

Choose Bruna Tavares’ Bt Glow Illuminator for an illuminated effect on various facial areas, featuring a diamond-like hue suitable for different daily occasions. The product is especially convenient for those prioritizing ease, thanks to its drop application ensuring a lightweight texture on the skin.

Prior to application, remember to shake the bottle, and after applying, blend the product seamlessly into your face. Beyond its outstanding quality, the Bt Glow Illuminator stands out as a cruelty-free option, with the brand proudly licensed as cruelty-free and committed to vegan production.

IndicationAll skins
EffectDiamond shine
ApplicationIn drops
Cruelty freeYes
Volume17 ml

3- Gold Illuminator, Vult

Long-lasting, creamy and affordable highlighter

Crafted specifically for those in search of remarkable longevity, a seamless finish, and radiant skin, Vult’s Gold Illuminator emerges as the ideal selection for achieving a luminous and flawless complexion.

Featuring a creamy formula, the Gold Illuminator ensures effortless application and even distribution, delivering remarkable advantages such as hydration and skin softness. This versatile product can be applied on its own or blended with moisturizer and liquid foundation to accommodate various makeup preferences. Notably, among illuminators, it stands out for its exceptional value for money, offering a generous 20-gram quantity and budget-friendly packaging.

Furthermore, enriched with pearl extract, this Tracta product introduces a distinctive, golden illumination that enhances specific areas of the face with a beautiful glow. Embrace the transformative effects of this illuminator, revolutionizing the way you highlight your facial features. However, it’s essential to apply it with precision and restraint, as the illuminator is intended to complement rather than overwhelm the entire face, functioning as an accessory to accentuate your natural radiance.

IndicationDark and brown skin
EffectRadiant and tanned
ApplicationAlone or with moisturizer
Cruelty freeYes
Volume20 g

2- A Kiss Of The Light Illuminator Color Precious, Ruby Rose

An affordable highlighter that’s easy to apply

Ruby Rose’s A Kiss Of The Light Precious Color Illuminator caters to those seeking a subtle rosy glow, perfect for everyday use without overwhelming color intensity.

Recognized for its affordability and compatibility with all skin types, Ruby Rose presents a durable liquid highlighter that effortlessly spreads, leaving your skin illuminated and radiant for various occasions. This practical highlighter is your go-to for feeling beautiful, whether you’re heading to the club, having lunch, or attending a work meeting.

With its precious color and convenient applicator included in the package, using this highlighter feels like a royal experience. It simplifies your makeup routine, adding a touch of sophistication. Seize the available promotions and invest in a product tailored to enhance the natural beauty of your skin.

IndicationLight and neutral skin tones
EffectNatural lighting
ApplicationWith applicator
Cruelty freeNo
Volume20 g

1- Glow Now Rose Illuminating Spray By Mariana Saad, Océane

Spray illuminator with an immediate, refreshing effect

Securing a spot on the coveted list of the top 10 liquid highlighters for 2022, Océane’s Glow Now Rose By Mariana Saad Highlighter Spray is meticulously designed with multifunctionality at its core, serving as a versatile solution for preparing, finishing, or illuminating the face.

For those in search of a product that seamlessly applies like a spray, offering both high quality and an immediate radiant glow, this highlighter stands out as the ideal choice. Infused with hyaluronic acid, it not only ensures a luminous complexion but also provides deep hydration, promoting skin vitality.

Beyond its refreshing attributes, this illuminator boasts a 100% vegan formula and is enriched with chamomile and cucumber extracts, contributing to skin soothing properties. Make an investment in this product that goes beyond aesthetics, actively revitalizing and enriching the skin on your face.

IndicationDark and brown skin
Cruelty freeYes
Volume0,09 g

Further information on liquid highlighters

In search of enduring makeup that breathes life into your skin? Look no further than the liquid highlighter – a captivating and indispensable addition to your makeup arsenal. To make the most of this product, ensure you hydrate and prime your skin effectively. Dive into additional insights about this transformative makeup essential below!

How to use liquid highlighter correctly?

When selecting a liquid highlighter, exercise caution in its application, avoiding excessive use, and opt for a more measured approach in integrating it into your makeup routine.

For evening events like nightclub parties, consider using the liquid highlighter with a bit more intensity to ensure visibility and longevity throughout the night. Conversely, for daytime occasions, lean towards a subtler color choice that imparts a natural luminosity.

In either scenario, dispense a modest amount of liquid highlighter onto your fingers and strategically apply it to key areas, such as the tip of the nose, temples, and above the mouth. These strategic placements will enhance the makeup, creating a beautifully accentuated effect.

What’s the difference between liquid and powder highlighter?

When it comes to purchasing highlighter, one of the primary dilemmas is choosing between liquid and powder formulations. Both offer intriguing options for achieving a vibrant, shimmery makeup look, but they come with distinctive characteristics.

For aficionados of makeup, the distinction is evident: liquid highlighter boasts a creamier texture, making it easier to spread and resulting in a more concentrated, luminous color on the face. It provides a specific, targeted shine.

On the flip side, powder highlighters cater to those seeking versatility, as the luminosity is dispersed more evenly across the face and is absorbed seamlessly. Available in various finishes, powder highlighters can serve multiple purposes, such as doubling as eyeshadow.

Choose the best liquid highlighter and look even more beautiful!

Having perused a comprehensive list of the top 10 liquid highlighters for 2022, the challenge now lies in selecting the one that aligns best with your preferences. Considerations such as color, application ease, volume, and cost-effectiveness come into play.

The list proves invaluable in this decision-making process, providing insights into the distinct benefits offered by each product and shedding light on the ethical practices of various brands, many of which are cruelty-free and even boast vegan properties.

Equipped with this comprehensive overview of the market’s finest choices, it’s time to translate this knowledge into action. Choose a liquid highlighter that seamlessly complements both your skin tone and your diverse needs across different occasions. Happy highlighting!

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